How do I enroll in Medicare A & B?

Check out this video on how to enroll in Original Medicare, Part A & B through your My Social Security Account online.

VIDEO: How to Apply for A & B​​​

Can I change my Medicare coverage each year?

In most cases yes, you can change your coverage each year during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period which runs from October 15 through December 7.  

Here is a helpful video on the changes you can make and some of the hoops you may have to jump through to change between certain Medicare plan options.

VIDEO: Changing Plans

How are my Part B Premiums determined and what is IRMAA?

Your Part B Premiums are determined based on your Modified Adjusted Gross Income as reported in your tax return from 2 years ago.  If I am enrolling in Medicare in 2024, they will base it off my MAGI from my 2022 tax return.  In 2025 they will look at 2023, in 2026 they will look at 2024, ect.

Medicare will look at my 1040 Tax Form, specifically line 11 plus line 2a. Watch this video to see a full explanation and the current Part B Premium amounts.

VIDEO: IRMAA Explained
VIDEO: 2024 Part B Premiums Explained
VIDEO: 2024 How to Read My Medicare Premiums Bill

What the heck is the Donut Hole and will it affect me?

Oh this is a fun one...when you enroll in Medicare, whether your drug plan is built into a Medicare Advantage Plan or you have a stand alone Part D drug plan, every Medicare beneficiary is susceptible to the 4 stages of Drug Coverage as dictated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Depending on the medications you are taking and the Tier they fall in on your drug plans formulary you may, or may not get into the Donut Hole. Reviewing your drug coverage each year is so important - set up a review and we can make sure you have the best drug plan for you.

Here is a video on the 4 Stages of Drug Coverage

VIDEO: Donut Hole Explained
VIDEO: Big Changes for 2025 - NO MORE DONUT HOLE

What if I have retired, can I reduce my Part B Premiums?

Yes, if you have had a life changing event of work stoppage (retirement) you may be able to petition Medicare to lower your Part B Premiums if you have also had a reduction in your income.

Watch my video to learn more.

VIDEO: SSA 44 Explained

How do you as a Medicare Broker get paid, is there a fee?

I get this question all the time, the way that we are compensated is through the Insurance companies, when we write a policy they pay us a commission.  These commissions are regulated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.  I want to do what is best for my client based on their needs.

You do not pay us anything and you do not pay more or less because you worked with us. We just take the guess work out and make the process much easier than navigating Medicare on your own. Plus were are there for you after the enrollment, we are the first line of defense for our clients when thay have questions or issues arise.


Looking for other Medicare info?

Here are some additional videos and resources to help you understand Medicare.

VIDEO: Medicare 101 Pre-Recorded Webinar - Everything you need to know!